9:00 am Registration & Morning Coffee

9:20 am Chairperson Opening Remarks

Understanding the Milk Microbiome, HMOs & Their Role in Developing the Infant Microbiome

9:30 am Determining the Relationship Between the Microbiome of Human Milk & Infant Faeces

10:00 am Insights Into the Reason & Potential Role of Bifidobacterium Being the Natural Inhabitant of the Infant Gut

  • Xiao Jin-Zhong General Manager, Next Generation Science Institute, Morinaga Milk Industry

10:30 am Baby-SHIME® Technology Platform: A Step by Step Approach for Pre- Clinical Product Testing on the Infant Gut Microbiome

10:40 am Speed Networking & Morning Refreshment

11:10 am Mother’s Milk & Baby’s Bacteria: Insights from the CHILD Cohort Study

  • Meghan Azad Assistant Professor, Pediatrics and Child Health, University of Manitoba

11:40 am Human Milk Bioactives Direct Bifidobacterium Infantis Function Within The Infant Gut Microbiome

  • David Sela Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst

12:10 pm Understanding How to Use Microbes to Solve the Microbiome Challenge

12:40 pm Lunch

Exploring How Route of Birth Influences Microbiome Development

1:40 pm Exploring How Route of Birth Influences Microbiome Development

  • Noel Muller Assistant Professor, John Hopkins University

Delving Into How to Standardize Microbiome Studies

2:10 pm Delving into How to Standardize Microbiome Studies

Learning Lessons From Longitudinal Studies That Can Help Shape Future Research on the Infant Microbiome

2:40 pm Harnessing the Strength of Cohorts: Longitudinal Phenotypes from the CHILD Cohort Study

  • Padmaja Subbarao Director, CHILD Cohort Study, University of Toronto & McMaster University

3:10 pm Afternoon Refreshments

3:30 pm The CDGEMM Study: Prospective Longitudinal Gut Metagenomic & Metabolomic Analysis To Predict Celiac Disease Onset

  • Maureen Leonard Clinical Director, Center for Celiac Research & Treatment, Massachusetts General Hospital

4:00 pm Lessons From GMAP: A Large Prospective Observational Study to Evaluate the Potential of the Intestinal Microbiome in Food Allergy Development

  • Victoria Martin Co-Director, GI-Section, Food Allergy Center, Massachusetts General Hospital

4:30 pm Novel Computational Approaches For Analysing & Designing Longitudinal Microbiome Studies

  • Georg Gerber Assistant Professor of Pathology, Brigham & Women’s Hospital

5:00 pm Chairperson Closing Remarks

5:10 pm End of Conference Day Two