2022 Conference Day One

8:10 am Registration

8:20 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

8:30 am Industry Discussion Panel – Updates From Leaders in the Maternal & Infant Microbiome Space


  • What positive breakthroughs have been seen in the last 12 months?
  • What are major hindrances that you are seeing?
  • Where do you see the field progressing in the next 12 months?
  • What opportunities are being harnessed within this space

The Maternal Microbiome: Nutrition, In Utero Development & Environmental Factors

9:00 am How Susceptible is the Maternal Microbiome to Stress, Disease & the Environment?

  • Mary Kimmel Medical Director, NC Maternal Mental Health MATTERS


  • The relationship of the microbiome-host immune system factors and perceived stress during pregnancy
  • The interplay of maternal perceived stress, bowel symptoms, and stress reactivity during pregnancy and postpartum
  • The impact of maternal mood and anxiety symptoms and the maternal microbiome on infant stress reactivity

9:30 am The Maternal Microbiome: BioGaia’s Research From Clinic to Product


  • Learn the successes that BioGaia are proving to achieve
  • Understand the commercial products that BioGaia have on the market
  • Listen to how they have achieved their undisputed product pipeline

10:00 am Microbiome Therapeutics to Address the Connection Between the Mouth & Mother/Child Health

  • Brian Klein Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, BrickBuilt Therapeutics


  • Oral disease manifestations during pregnancy and early childhood
  • Lack of safe and effective treatments for oral disease during pregnancy and early childhood
  • Microbial therapeutics for oral care

10:30 am A Maternal Higher-Complex Carbohydrate Diet Increases Bifidobacteria and Alters Early Life Acquisition of the Infant Microbiome in Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus


  • Gestational diabetes – learn the impact of diet therapy on mother/infant microbes
  • Understand the early mechanisms that drive immune development during gestation in juvenile non-human primate offspring
  • Hear how maternal nutrition drives paediatric NAFLD and involves re-programing of immunity and infant microbiome


11:30 am Human-Residential Bifidobacteria (HRB) – Your scientific and regulatory game-changer probiotics for infant-use


  • Are HRB probiotics infant friendly in terms of safety and scientific substantiation?
  • HRBs: bridging the gap between infants and breast milk.
  • Global and exciting opportunities with Morinaga’s HRBs.

12:00 pm Fetal Intestinal Bacterial Metabolites, What’s There & What’s Their Function?


  • Metabolites of in utero human intestine
  • Bacterial contribution to in utero metabolites
  • Potential function of bacterial metabolites in utero

12:30 pm Panel Discussion – The Maternal Microbiome: From Fertilization to Birth


  • How significant is the mother’s microbiome health during pregnancy?
  • Where is the most important stage for microbiome intervention in pregnancy?
  • Natural birth vs C-section

1:00 pm Learn how FluidAir’s Encapsulation and Formulation Technology Will Transform Your Pipeline


The Vaginal Microbiome & Women’s Health

2:00 pm BGY-1601, Vaginal Tablet: a “Universal” First-Line Monotherapy of Acute Vaginitis Symptoms


  • NexBiome’s work surrounding women’s health
  • Learn about the live biotherapeutic product coming to commercialization
  • Bacterial vaginosis (BV) and vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC) research

2:30 pm How can Maternal Health Benefit from Targeted & Precision Medicine?


  • Precision infectious disease diagnostics using NGS and AI in women’s health
  • Latest advances in clinical metagenomics in women’s health and the perinatal period
  • Emergence of novel bioinformatics tools and AI to better understand urinary tract and vaginal microbiome
  • Antimicrobial stewardship using NGS data and precision therapeutics
  • Why AMR profiling is so important to doctors in maternal and infant health

3:00 pm MyBiotics’ Proprietary Culturing & AI Technology Platform – Diverse Strategy for Microbiome Recovery Surrounding Women’s Health


  • Applying MyBiotics’ technology to address women’s health – product pipeline
  • Existing research and development collaborations that MyBiotics are boasting


Harnessing the Infant’s Microbiome: Disease & Preventive Treatments

4:00 pm Early Interventions of the Microbiome to Improve the Next Generations’ Health Trajectories


  • Dysfunction of the microbiome and health trajectory
  • Mapping infant gut function to specific HMO digestion and metabolites
  • Potential for multi modal interventions: nutrition, hospital use, and drugs

4:30 pm Primary Prevention of Allergic Disease

  • Nikole Kimes Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Siolta Therapeutics


Learn about where Soilta Therapeutics product pipeline in preventing the following disorders:

  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Food allergy
  • Allergic asthma

5:00 pm Microbiome Drivers of Immune Tolerance in Food Allergy


  • Development and optimization of novel diagnostic tools leveraging NGS and AI to define dysbiosis, infection, and antimicrobial resistance profiles in the context of women’s health
  • Standardization of laboratory and bioinformatic processes to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Challenges of applying cutting edge research and tools for development of a diagnostic product
  • Engage in learning surrounding regulatory submission, optimization, validation from Biotia’s new clinical trial data

5:30 pm The In-Utero Microbiome Controversy


  • Looking at how contamination has been misrepresented as microbiomes
  • Understanding why infection can occur when in a healthy pregnancy the human foetus is effectively sterile
  • Learn why immune training via bacterial parts might occur in-utero

6:00 pm Chairs Closing Comments & End of Day One