Welcome To Microbiome Movement - Maternal & Infant Health Summit

The Microbiome Movement – Maternal & Infant Health Summit was established to improve your understanding of the fundamental maternal-infant microbiome mechanisms of action and advance translation of this causality into evidence-based and clinically validated therapeutic, nutritional and preventative solutions that will configure healthy foundations of the microbiome within the first 1000 days of life.

This is your opportunity to learn from the expertise of key opinion leaders from large pharma, biotech and academic research institutes presenting the latest case studies and in-depth discussion on key topics, including:

Discovering the causal relationships between the maternal-infant microbiome and disease onset

Exploring different therapeutic products that restore the infant microbiome, as well as treat and prevent disease

Optimizing –omics and integrating with novel pre-clinical modelling to generate clinically meaningful results

Explaining regulatory processes for IND-approved products targeting infant populations

Understanding the role of the maternal microbiome in preterm birth and infant health outcomes

Discussing study design for investigation of the microbiome in maternal and pediatric settings

There is no question that the pre-, peri- and postnatal maternal and infant microbiomes are critical windows of opportunity, that need to be acted upon today.

Join us to unlock the therapeutic potential of the maternal-infant microbiome and proactively contribute to healthier clinical outcomes in new-borns brought into the world tomorrow.

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Hear What Our Customers Say

"As a newcomer to the microbiome field, this conference provided an excellent overview.”

Richard Shanksky
Seres  Therapeutics

“It was a great conference to effectively learn the current trends in microbiome drug development around the world.”

Nanae Izumi
Daiichi Sankyo