Welcome to the Microbiome Movement - Maternal & Infant Health Summit

The Microbiome Movement – Maternal & Infant Health Summit facilitates discussion around how to harness the microbiome in the first 1000 days of life to advance the translation of therapeutic, nutritional and preventative solutions.

This is your only opportunity to learn from large pharma, leading biotech’s, academic researchers and paediatric clinicians all in the same room, allowing in-depth discussion on key topics such as:

  • The role the microbiome plays in the development of the immune system and the progression of allergies
  • Understanding the milk microbiome and the role it has on the developing infant
  • How the infant microbiome can be modulated through nutritional products
  • What lessons can be learnt from previous longitudinal studies that can help shape future research on the infant microbiome
  • How to utilize the microbiome to improve the treatment of conditions related to preterm birth

Join us to further your understanding of how cutting-edge science is helping establish a causal relationship between the maternal-infant microbiome & long-term health effects, and how this can be translated to demonstrate clinically validated solutions.

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