About 2022 Event

The 4th Microbiome Movement – Maternal & Infant Health Summit 2022 Has Run

This event united industry and academics in the exploration of preventative and therapeutic treatment of the microbiome during pregnancy and early life. The discussion during this  three day conference covered key periods of pregnancy, birth and infant development to encompass a range of areas where therapeutic, nutritional targeting and research can be undertaken. 

What was New for 2022?  

With the anticipated 4th Microbiome Movement - Maternal & Infant Health Summit 2022 returning, we ensured an extensive amount of new content this year to keep your agenda fresh and exciting!

New Companies – Listen to new leading companies disrupting this space, as they provide case study insights to further your understanding of the maternal and infant microbiome. Companies including; BioGaia AB, My-Biotics, ByHeart, BIOMILQ and more

New Speakers – Hear a speaker faculty boasting 70% new voices

Catch up With Revolutionary Industry Progress With our Interactive Industry Panels

Take Advantage of the Networking Opportunities – after nearly two years of virtual conferences, come and seek the networking benefits of this in-person event

New sessions exploring gut-brain axis, pre-term birth, future of AI within the maternal and infant space, probiotic progress, HMO digestion and many more!

Join us to further your understanding of how cutting-edge science is helping establish a causal relationship between the maternal-infant microbiome and long-term health effects, and how this can be translated to demonstrate clinically validated solutions.  

You can find out more about what you missed by downloading a copy of our Full Event Guide