The 5th Microbiome Movement - Maternal & Infant Health Summit

Translate Functional Microbes into Nutritional & Therapeutic Products for Thriving Infants & Mothers 

The critical importance of seeding a healthy microbiome in infants to positively influence human development into childhood and beyond, is undisputed. However, investigations continue into the causal relationships between the gut microbiota and health outcomes in neonates, pre-term births, delivery mode (vaginal or C-section), lactation, post-weaning, the first 1000 days and into later life. 

That’s why each year, maternal-infant microbiome researchers from pharma, biotech, and academia, gather at the annual Microbiome Movement – Maternal & Infant Health Summit. Join this timely forum in March to grasp cutting-edge science and clinical data that validates functionally promising microbes as live biotherapeutic treatments and nutritional options for early life. 

With each session offering key take-homes, this is your best opportunity to clarify scientific challenges of elucidating causality between the maternal microbiome and pregnancy outcomes, and infant gut microbiome composition with long-term health outcomes, and translating these insights into the clinic. 

2023 World-Class Speaker Faculty:

Adam Baker

Director - Science

Chr. Hansen

Kaile Zagger

Chief Executive Officer

Infinant Health

Lydia Mapstone

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Booby Biome

Nikole Kimes

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Siolta Therapeutics

Nitya Jain

Assistant Professor

Harvard Medical School

Richard Insel

Global Head, Healthy Baby Initiative, World Without Disease Accelerator

Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc

Robert Chapkin


Texas A&M University

Sharon Donovan

Director, Professor - Personalized Nutrition Initiative

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Sophie Nutten

Global Science Lead Allergy

Nestle Health Science

Zhou Li

Senior Scientist


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