Carrie Malinczak

Carrie Malinczak

Company: Helaina Inc.

Job title: Head of Immunology


Building Immunity Starting at Birth 11:00 am

Outlining the importance of numerous exposures leading to distinct immune responses largely driven by human glycoproteins and the cross-talk between the microbiome in the gut and the immune system Discussing how Helaina are incorporating these glycoproteins in infant formula to enhance immunological properties Understanding how Helaina’s product will bridge the gap between infant formula and…Read more

day: Conference Day Two

14:00 pm – 16:00 pm Determining How Immunity is Transferred from Mother to Infant to Understand the Effects of Vaccination 2:00 pm

We see varying immunological responses linked with the maternal-infant microbiome. Here we will deep dive into immunity in the infant and the impact of the microbiome This workshop will highlight: Exploring the interaction of the adaptive immune system in the intestine and the microbiota Passive protection post vaccination by transfer of immunoglobulins through breast feeding…Read more

day: Pre-Conference Workshop Day

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