Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Tuesday 28th March 2023

Workshop A
Microbial Bioinformatics: A Breakdown of Novel Sequencing Technologies

11:00 am -13:00 pm Exploring the Latest Tools of Analysis to Understand Strain Variation and Strain Effects


While maternal-infant microbiome understandings progress, there is a need for new tools to identify and explore genomic structure, metabolic potential, and the complex interplay in microbial communities. This workshop will delve into some of the methodologies behind the latest analytical innovations


This workshop will highlight:


  • Moving beyond 16S- novel sequencing technologies: strain level resolution, shotgun sequencing
  • Integration of AI for predictive analysis
  • Omics to identify metabolites and micro-organisms that are interacting with infant hormones and immune system
  • Integration and analysis of large omics datasets
  • Using sequencing to validate biomarkers of disease and establish causality
  • Guiding post-biotic production from bioinformatics research

1:59 pm
Workshop B
Immunity in the Infant: Examining the Maternal-Infant Interaction

14:00 pm – 16:00 pm Determining How Immunity is Transferred from Mother to Infant to Understand the Effects of Vaccination


We see varying immunological responses linked with the maternal-infant microbiome. Here we will deep dive into

immunity in the infant and the impact of the microbiome


This workshop will highlight:


  • Exploring the interaction of the adaptive immune system in the intestine and the microbiota
  • Passive protection post vaccination by transfer of immunoglobulins through breast feeding
  • Understanding immunological mechanisms between maternal-infant immunity
  • Malnourished and pre-term infant immunological response to vaccination