Pricing & Team Discounts

Please note: If you are a UK or EU-based company, you may be subject to 20% VAT in addition to the price advertised.

If we cannot run this meeting physically due to covid-19, we will be running it digitally on the same dates. Your registration will be automatically transferred to a digital ticket and you will receive a refund for the price difference in ticket types at the time of your booking.

Team Discounts

Maximize value for money using special team discounts:

10% discount – 2 delegates
15% discount – 3 delegates
20% discount – 4+ delegates

Please note that discounts are only valid when booking a full 2-day conference package, and when two or more delegates from one company book and pay at the same time. Group discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other discount codes or offers, other than the early booking rates.

For more information on group discount eligibility, rates and booking, please contact:

T&Cs & Eligibility Criteria

T&Cs for Start-Ups

  • A start-up rate is available to allow newer, less established organisations to attend this meeting. Eligibility criteria states that the company needs to be less than 3 years old or have fewer than 10 full time employees. Solution providers are excluded. All bookings at this rate are subject to organizer approval. T&Cs apply.

T&Cs for Students & Post-Doc

  • To qualify for this rate, the candidate must have an academic affiliation only, and cannot be currently employed by industry. This includes PhD students and post-docs currently working in a research position. Lecturers and Professors are not eligible for this rate.

T&Cs for Standard Academics

  • To qualify for this rate, the candidate is considered a senior academic (PIs, Supervisors, Lecturers & Professors).

If you are unsure which academic rate best applies to your position, please email and we’d be happy to discuss.