8:30 am Registration & Morning Coffee

8:50 am Chairperson Opening Remarks

Harnessing the Infant Microbiome as a Preventative Treatment

9:00 am Exploring How the Infant Microbiome Offers a Window of Opportunity for the Prevention of Chronic Conditions

  • Alessio Fasano Chief, Pediatric Gastroenterology & Nutrition, Massachusetts General Hospital

9:30 am Targeting the Microbiome to Intercept Childhood Diseases

  • Richard Insel Global Head, Healthy Baby Initiative, Johnson & Johnson

10:00 am Culturing and Scale up of Live Biotherapeutic Products

10:30 am Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments

Examining the Role the Microbiome Plays in the Development of the Immune System, Allergies & Autoimmune Disease

11:30 am Therapeutic Microbiome Manipulation for Treatment & Prevention of Food Allergy

  • Rose Szabady Associate Director, Immunology, Vedanta Bioscience

12:00 pm Early Life Immune Education by Gut Microbes

  • Nitya Jain Principal Investigator, Harvard Medical School

12:30 pm Cross-Reactive Antibodies to SARS-Cov-2: A Potential Broad Protection Against COVID-19 & Future Coronavirus Infections

1:00 pm Lunch

Assessing How Metabolic Disorders Can be Prevented Through Utilization of the Infant Microbiome During Early Development

2:00 pm Examining Nutrition as the Key Determinant of Age-Appropriate Microbiota Development in Infants and Children

2:30 pm Food, Microbes & the Gut for Good Growth in Global Health

  • Chris Damman Senior Program Officer, Global Health, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Utilizing the Microbiome to Improve Treatment of Conditions Related to Preterm Birth

3:00 pm The Importance of a B. Infantis Dominant Infant Gut Microbiome in Protection from Opportunistic Infections in Term & Pre-term Infants

3:15 pm Understanding Gut Health During Early Life

Defining the Best Approach of How Future Research Should be Undertaken

4:00 pm Afternoon Refreshments & Poster Session

4:30 pm Using Precision Diagnostics to Improve Treatment of Infectious Diseases at a Young Age

5:00 pm Speed Learning

This session will facilitate in-depth discussion amongst participants in an informal setting. After splitting into groups, participants will have the opportunity to discuss other aspects related to the maternal-infant microbiome not covered on the main agenda

Examing the Effect the use of Antibiotics Has on the Infant Microbiome

Dorrotya Nagy-Szakal
Biotia, Inc.

Exploring the Role of FMT
as an Infant Microbiome

Stacy Kahn
Attending Physician, Division
of Gastroenterology
Hepatology and Nutrition
Boston Children’s Hospital

Assessing the
Gut-Brain Axis
in Infants

Xue-Jun (June) Kong
Research Investigator
Massachusetts General

6:00 pm Chairperson Closing Remarks

6:10 pm Drinks Reception

7:00 pm End of Conference Day One